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The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) makes you, as a contractor, responsible for protecting your employees from hazardous asbestos. Asbestos is frequently found on the following kinds of jobs: remodeling, renovation, boiler work, plumbing and heating, demolition and maintenance services.

American Abatement Asbestos abatement services

According to the OSHA guidelines, ignorance is no defense. You are responsible for being knowledgeable about the asbestos problem and for dealing with it appropriately when you encounter it. Work stoppage due to asbestos frustrates everyone. But the risks associated with asbestos – both health and liability make it necessary to attend to the problem. We at American Abatement, Inc. are problem solvers who understand the dilemma of the contractor who has found asbestos on the job.

American Abatement Asbestos abatement services

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